Investigation the Neuro – Physiological Responses of Consumer on the Endorsement and Discount Strategies in Sports Products

Document Type : Research Paper


1 university of kurdistan

2 universiry of kurdistan

3 Assistant professor, Faculty of physical education and sport sciences, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran


Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate the neuro – physiological responses of consumer to the Endorsement and discount strategies in sports products.
Methodology: The research in terms of purpose was an applied and In terms of the methodology was a Semi-experimental research. The statistical population of the study was 25-35 years old physical education students and the sample was 40 volunteers (20 men and 20 women). In order to provide research tool, images were adapted by two research strategies (endorsement and discount). Validity of images was confirmed by 10 sports marketing experts. Enobio electroencephalography device, 20 channels made in Spain, was used to record the waves. A self-assessment manikin was used to measure participant’s pleasure and arousal. By considering the role of the frontal lobe in attention, the alpha and beta waves in this area of the brain were examined by F3, F4 and FZ channels. Data were analyzed by using of SPSS 22, Matlab 2013 b and descriptive statistics and inferential statistics including Friedman test and logistic regression.
Result: The results showed that the changes of alpha and beta waves in the Endorsement strategy were lower than the discount strategy. This strategy involves the brain in frontal lobe greater than the discount strategy.
Conclusion: Due to the greater effect of the endorsement strategy than the discount strategy on the neuropsychological responses of consumers, it can be used to more encourage consumers to use sports products.
Keywords: Endorsement, discount, Neuromarketing, pleasure, Arousal